Strategy Board Games 6 in 1 Pack

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Goats & Tigers/Bagh Bakri is an amazing strategy board game played by 2 players. Desi Toys brings this game with Mythological story of Goddess Kali and Mahishasura. This game involves hunting the opponents and blocking their moves making them immobile. It is a fun game loved by all. Skills enhanced by this game are strategy building, problem solving and social skills.

Snakes and ladders connects you to Indian Mythology with 10 awesome stories of Vishnu avatar/incarnation called Dashavatar. Snakes and Ladders is an ancient board game in which the object is to navigate one's game piece as per the die rolls, helped or hindered by ladders and snakes respectively.

Nine Men Morris / Nav Kankari is an ancient alignment game where players place 3 coins vertically or horizontally in the same colour. When this is achieved an opponent's piece is removed. Hence it is also a strategy game where players try to reduce the opponent's coins to 2 or block all their moves. Skills enhanced by this game are Logic Building, Strategy Building and Social Skills.Desi Toys connects you with Indian mythology with an awesome board game with stories of Bal Ganesha and Gaj Mukhasur.

Get connected to Indian Mythology through this game of Pachisi/Choupad with the epic story of 'Mahabharata'. Pachisi is an ancient racing Board game. This game can be played by two to four player. Each player has to roll the dice and make moves towards 'Home'. The first player to get all his 4 pawns into the Home is the winner. Highly recommended game by Desi Toys. Skills enhanced by this game are strategy building, problem solving and social skills.

Tic Tac Toe is an ancient game where 2 players take turns marking their spaces in 3x3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing his/her 3 respective marks vertically, horizontally or diagonally first, wins the game. Desi Toys brings this game with Indian Mythological story of Little Krishna God/Nanha Kanha. Skill set enhanced by this game are 'Strategy building, Logic building and Social Skills'. It is a fun game enjoyed by all.

Based on the epic Indian Mythological story of 'Ramayana', Chauka Bara is an ancient race game wherein 2-4 players race their respective coins on a board of 5x5 squares to reach the innermost square. The movement of coins is controlled by throw of 4 cowrie shells, hence it is a game of chance. Since each player has four coins, he/she can decide which coin to move. So it is also a strategic game.The first player to reach his/her all 4 coins in the innermost square is the winner. Skills enhanced through this game are Problem solving, Strategy Building and Social Skills.

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