Tactopus Monster Board - I

Rs. 1,999


Monster board is an interactive, very amiable but hungry, cute but angry, little monster who just wants numbers for lunch.

Carefully designed to be an independent play and meet all of your child's math practicing needs, this monster challenges your child with numbers.

Being a little competitive in nature, it pushes you to respond faster, thereby sharpening your math skills.

It comes in two character forms.

To be used along with number cards and Tactopus app.

As the game progresses, the monster gets more and more serious about numbers. So feed him fast and keep him happy!

  • Monster Board - I

Count to 9, single digit number identification, number comparisons (before, after, in-between, greater, smaller).

  • Monster Board - II

Introduction to double digit numbers, place value.

  • Monster Board - III

Counting numbers up to 50 (later up to 100), Single digit addition and subtraction.


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