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Tag is a perfect activity for PE class. It allows children to get plenty os exercise while participating in an activity they find enjoyble. Most kids like tag because it is much more exciting than other forms of exercising like running laps or lengths of sporting field. They can have a lot of fub laughs as they madly chase each other around. However, you can reach a point where traditional forms of tag become a little stale for kids.

This is where we bring in a new twist to the Tag Game called " The TAG TAIL VESTS". Comes in four different colors. Each child slips on a jacket with mixed color tails attched with velcro on the backside of their jackets. then they chase each other in reach for collecting all five tails matching their jackets color they wear. one with all the 5 tails of the same color first win. This action packe variations will keep kids interested in your PE class and throughly enjoying themselves.

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