Dreamland Tales from Panchatantra - A Pack of 10 Books : Early Learning Children Book By Dreamland Publications 9789388416344

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Stories play an important role in the growth and development of children. The Panchatantra is an ancient Indian collection of stories that impart valuable life lessons. 'Tales from Panchatantra' – a pack of ten books is one of the best collections of stories to instill the virtues and morals in young learners' life. It will indeed make a perfect new addition for story time.


Best suited for age-group 4-10 years and all story lovers

  • ·         Storytellers

  • ·         Reading at bedtime

  • ·         Read aloud library

  • ·         Nice and good stories with morals

  • ·         Friendly language

  • ·         Bright beautiful illustrations

Each story included in these ten books revolves around moral values ​​such as honesty, faithfulness, justice, respect, helping others, etc. These stories will not only keep kids entertained but also influence their delicate minds to follow the righteous path by correct knowledge, values, and habits.

Country of Origin: India

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