Thasvi Palmer and Pincer Grasp Puzzle (8 months +) - Touch. Feel. Explore.

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These beautifully handcrafted set of blocks make a great first puzzle for your little one. The pincer and palmer grasps are important milestones in the development of fine motor skills. The puzzle, inspired by the Montessori knobbed and knobless cylinders, helps your baby develop the varying grasping patterns.

The Palmer Grasp Puzzle is introduced at around 8 months of age. The child learns to grasp the cylinder with his/her palm (radial palmer grasp) and pulls it out of the block and also, tries to place the cylinder back into the block.

The Pincer Grasp Puzzle is introduced at around 9 months of age when the child is working hard to grasp objects with the thumb and index finger (pincer grasp). This activity hones their concentration and fine motor skills.

Note: Although for safety reasons the knob is carved out of the wooden block itself, it is advised to supervise your little one at all times; as it is small enough to present itself as a choking hazard.


Country of Origin: India

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