Thasvi Visual Stimulation Cards - Set 1

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Infant Visual Stimulation cards are beneficial because they activate baby’s part of the brain that captures and processes visuals.

High contrast, black and white cards develop baby's visual perception. Since babies can only perceive black and white colours, these cards are perfect to stimulate baby's eyesight and brain development.

The set consists of 40 images with each image printed on one side of 20 thick laminated cards. The set has 20 real life images along with 20 vector patterns. The set is also divided into 20 high contrast black and white images and 20 high contrast black,white and red images.

The cards have rounded corners to protect baby's little hands.

A unique feature is that these cards come with real life images.

The flashcards promote brain development and activate skills in early childhood such as language, reading and communication, imagination, memory, sensory and cognitive skills.

These cards are both fun and educational for baby and parents to bond, enjoying a happy time together.  

Dimensions : 22.5cm x 1.5cm x 15cm

1. As with any baby toy or accessory, please use only under adult supervision.
2. Always inspect for damage prior to use.

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