Thasvi Wooden Clutching Beads – Colored

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This is a heirloom quality baby toy – a set of 11 rainbow-colored wooden balls, tightly strung together with a strong elastic, designed for tiny hands to reach for, grab, pull, twist, and rattle. It is a hands-on toy that encourages babies to experience the tactile world around them while engaging their gross motor skills.

It is a wonderful present for a new baby and will be loved as soon as baby starts grasping items at around three months. The rainbow colored beads on the band roll and twist in an ever-changing and calming manner. As babies roll the beads over each other, the wooden beads produce a click-clop sound, allowing them to explore sound and understand cause and effect.

This classic multisensory clutching baby toy will instantly capture your baby’s attention. It is lightweight and perfectly sized for baby hands. Suspend it from a baby playgym, and this can be used as a tactile mobile too.

The rainbow colored balls are made from Ivory wood and each measures 3cm. It has been coated with a non-toxic, water based stain paints – ideal for showing off the natural beauty and grain of real wood and sealed with water based finish giving a satin smooth feel. It is simple yet stunning.

Material : Ivory wood

Product Dimension : 11x11x3 cm

Package Dimension : 20x11x10 cm

Ships from - Bangalore,Karnataka

Country of Origin : India

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