Thasvi Wooden Curved Dowel Stacker

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This is a classic Montessori toy for enhancing your child’s pincer grasp, fine motor skills and hand mobility. Working with this material strengthens the wrist, which is vital for controlling the hand during future tasks like writing.

This stacker is a simple yet beautiful product for toddlers to exercise their hand eye coordination ability from simple actions and to help them focus at the center of each piece. Children develop independence and a sense of order.

The curved dowel helps improve dexterity and develop a slightly different grasp than a traditional stacking toy as it creates an added challenge for the child.

The wooden Horizontal Stacker has been designed to help with the advancement of midline crossing, which is an important developmental skill needed for reading and writing. Midline crossing is when one hand unconsciously moves across to the other side of the body to work there. Before this ability is developed, a child will tend to use their right hand on the right side of their body and their left hand on the left.

A great toy with even greater results!

Material : Birch ply and Ivory wood

Product Dimension : 20x18x10 cm

Package Dimension : 27x21x15 cm

Ships from - Bangalore,Karnataka

Country of Origin : India

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