The Baby Milestone box of Joy

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Combo Contents

A to Z Phonetic Animals - Book
'A to Z Phonetic Animals' is a fun way to learn ABCs with 26 illustrated animals that correspond to each alphabet.
The delightful illustrations and vivid colours capture your child’s imagination while he improves his vocabulary.
Packaged in a super convenient format, you can carry this book everywhere, all the time.

Size: 4 x 6 in  (closed)
Book Type: Accordion, paperback

Along with the book, the box contains:

First Visuals - Two-Step Visual Stimulation Kit
First Visuals is a two-step visual stimulation kit for babies. The beautifully designed high contrast images are easy for babies to focus on. They maximize visual stimulation and encourage infant development in the early months. These cards will still have utility as your child grows older. You can use it as one of his first - word books to help improve his vocabulary. It can also be used as a lacing toy.

Activity Set: 12cards (front and back), 24 images

Baby Milestone Cards
Use this premium baby milestone cards pack to create a treasure chest of memories for your baby's first year. Create a photographic diary to keep forever. Take a photo of your baby with their milestone card, share with friends and family. Use the special Thank You card to send a photo message to everyone who sent gifts and a blank card to capture your unique experience!

  • No of cards: 30
  • Size: 6 x 4 in
  • Material: Thick card

Match ‘em up! cards
Match ‘em up! card kit helps your toddler to identify and learn about animals and their young ones. This kit has 3 games that can help improve your toddler’s memory, focus and attention, while adding to his vocabulary. It also will and build fine motor skills. The activity set  targets at improving: focus, Analytical and problem solving skills, language skills and fine motor skills.
You can play many games with this card set - like memory game, match'em up, etc.
No of cards per pack: 18
Size: 3.25 x 4.25 x 0.3 in

Age guidance - 0+ years

Gift Wrapping: When you buy this combo, it will come in a beautifully wrapped box with compliments.

Country of Origin - India 

Ships from Mumbai

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