The Doodlers Combo - Art It Out + Scribble it

Rs. 1,199


The combo contains 2 games :

1. Art It Out -10 unconventional family-friendly, hilarious, creative art based games.

From completing a story board to making objects only using shapes. 
From drawing on the back of a person to drawing only by getting directions from another player.
From guessing a colour without making it obvious to creating a new masterpiece with existing objects.

2.Scribble it - The most hilarious, frantic, fast-paced, family-friendly drawing game!
This game is incredibly easy, with hilarious results!

Scribble It - Pick a card from the deck
Sketch out the scene written on the card
Get the team to guess the scene you’ve scribbled.
Yes, scene!
You aren’t simply drawing words, you are drawing scenes.
And these are some never-seen-before, probably never-seen-again kind of scenes!

Contains : 100 Scenarios in 50 Cards

Dimensions : 35 x 30 x 8 inches 

6+ (adults too)

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