The Games Night Combo - 5 Family-Friendly Games, 1 Neat Combo! - shout it, scribble it, link it, write it, Drop It

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The combo contains the 5 games :

1.Shout It -A quickfire, family-friendly card game which is a test of speed, memory and basic knowledge.

Shout it - There’s a simple 3 step process to Shout it!
1. Match the symbols on the cards (so match the lion symbol on your card with another lion symbol on someone else’s card)
2. Shout an answer to the heading/category on the opponent’s card before he/she shouts out the answer to the heading on your card
3. The one who shouts the answer first wins the card.

2.Scribble it - The most hilarious, frantic, fast-paced, family-friendly drawing game!
This game is incredibly easy, with hilarious results!

Scribble It - Pick a card from the deck
Sketch out the scene written on the card
Get the team to guess the scene you’ve scribbled.
Yes, scene!
You aren’t simply drawing words, you are drawing scenes.
And these are some never-seen-before, probably never-seen-again kind of scenes!

3.Link It - Link anything (& probably everything) in this rapid-paced, sentence-making game ! You have over 8 different variation rounds to choose from. And you can make over 5000 sentences and stories. 

Link It - 1. Pick a Card from each category.
2. Choose a variation.
3. Combine the cards into a sentence.
4. You also have Trivia Questions for every Word.

4.Write it - A quick thinking, quicker writing, family-friendly vocabulary based card game.Write it! Is incredibly simple.

Write It - 1. Each card has a combination of alphabets on it.
2. List down as many words as possible which contain the alphabets in the same order.
3. Any word is allowed.
4. Compare your word list with that of the other players. Strike out common words and gain points for those words which no other player has written on their sheet!

6+ (adults too)

5. Drop it!


A fast paced game of elimination where you get to decide your cards and you decide if they can be eliminated, all through a rather loud, noisy and hilarious discussion with the other players!

Choose a category card

- On your Drop IT cards, write different names in respect to the category

- On the basis of the token picked up, start eliminating your cards

- Convince others on why you are eliminating a particular card


- First person to eliminate all cards wins. 

Contents :

Shout It - 116 Category Cards + 07 Wild Cards

Scribble it - 100 Scenarios in 50 Cards

Link It - 200 LINK IT Words

Drop it - 122 Drop It Cards 

Write it -
 100 'WRITE IT' words

Dimensions : 35 x 30 x 8 inches 

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