The Funny Mind Down The Devil Wooden Board Game for Kids and Adults |String Pull Slingshot Toy PlaySet| Multi Players Table Top Game for The Party Family-Yellow

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Moz – is a newly launched board game meant for all age groups from 4+. If you’re looking for a family-friendly game that will entertain both teens and young lings. If you are office or college goer, then look no further this is the best game to release the work pressure. If you are planning meeting someone for a coffee, then this is something which will last longer and will give something to discuss beyond business. Give life a shot Moz – First of its kind board game. Family Entertainment Sip the Coffee & Down da Devils Discuss corporate strategies while playing Moz

Box Content : 1 Moz Board, 2 Strikers, 12 Devils, 1 Score Card, 1 Duster, 4 Dustless Chalk, and a Small Jute Bag

Material : Wood

Age Guidance : 1- 8 years

Product Dimension : 53*29*4 cm

Package Dimension : 55*32*5 cm

Ships From Mohali Punjab

Country Of Origin India

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