The Growth Box for Newborns

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Perfect Gift for Baby showers, Newborns and babies less than 2 years of age.
This lasting gift will be useful as the baby grows... as it can be used at every step of the baby's development.

This combo includes:

First Visuals - Two Step Visual Stimulation Kit

First Visuals is a two - step visual stimulation kit for babies. The beautifully designed high contrast images are easy for babies to focus on. They maximise visual stimulation and encourage infant development in the early months. These cards will still have utility as your child grows older. You can use it as one of his first - word books to help improve his vocabulary. It can also be used as a lacing toy.

My Home

A book with Flash cards. Coco takes you on a tour of his home in the city. The premise of the book is a city apartment which is relatable to your child and will add to his vocabulary.

Circles 'n' Squares Everywhere

There are shapes everywhere in our fascinating world. The book contains 9 basic shapes for the toddler to learn and spot among different carefully constructed scenes. Each shape has it's own spread so he learns with accuracy and ease. Discover these shapes as the book takes you on a journey around the globe.


Move Your Body - Movement Card kit

This movement card kit gives your toddler a chance to move his body and play act like his favorite animal.

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