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Combo Includes - ART IT OUT & SHOUT IT



Art it Out! is collection of 10 unconventional family-friendly, hilarious, creative art based games. It's got everything that'll make you embrace doodling and enjoy your drawing skills, no matter the level! Art it Out! embraces doodling, guessing, understanding and recreating scenes, objects and things in a set of games that are perfect for everyone!

Ages: 7+

How to play:

Some of the different Games in Art It Out

- Complete the Storyboard

- Make objects only using shapes,

- Drawing on the back of a person,

- Drawing on the basis of the directions given by your teammate,

- Guess a colour without using any objects which are actually of that colour.


So, why should you buy this?

- Increases the visualising & doodling skills.

- Lateral thinking & Problem Solving

- Sparks imagination & boosts their creativity.

- A broad range of games designed to keep you engaged

- Perfect to play with families.

Content: 10 Games


Shout it!

Shout it! is a quick-fire, family-friendly card game which is a test of speed, memory and super basic knowledge! It's sure to make you think. It's certain to make you shout. And it's definitely going to make you laugh!


How to play:

  • Each card in the deck has one of four symbols in the centre
  • Match the symbols on the cards (so match the lion symbol on your card with another lion symbol on someone elses card)
  • Shout an answer to the heading/category on the opponents card before he/she shouts out the answer to the heading on your card
  • The one who shouts the answer first wins the card!

So, why should you buy this?

  • Just a 3 Rules Game.
  • Challenging for both kids & adults. Fun for the entire Family.
  • Extremely Fast & Quick
  • Designed to test & develop the memory & knowledge of the players.
  • Covers a broad range of topics to expand the knowledge of the child.

Content: 123 Category Cards & Wild Cards

Ages: 6+

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