The Neighbourhood Network

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 A must-have for all children! It’s time for the kids to learn about the Community Helpers in their neighborhood.

There are many people around us, who help us in many ways as we go about our day. This is a fun activity-based game, with a storybook, an activity map, characters and DIY activities.

When your child starts playing they will make friends along the way, and learn with them about the community helpers in details, using the storybook. And the activity map. The kids will be able to move the characters on the map, and learn more about their respective locations! They will also do a fun DIY activity, fun sheets, colour a badge and award their favourite community helper with a Happy Helper star and even comes with gardening supplies! Don’t forget the chef hat that will definitely want the kids to try their hand at cooking. Also, there is something exciting for all the book lovers - the box contains a library card, that can be personalized with a passport size photograph and can be used by parents to keep a track of their reading habits from their library at home.

So get your Neighbourhood Network Box, and get started on this fun adventure with all the happy Community Helpers!

Product Dimensions : 10.5*13*1.5  inches

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