The Pretty Geeky Math Festive Combo of 2 STEM based math educational games

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Rs. 798


Learn & Play: This combo has the best card based educational games - Tens & Tiaras + Half A Doodle (2 math games) - which form the complete package for a super fun learning time with family & without screens. 

The Tens& Tiaras box includes 63 attractive cards, 25+ reusable jewel stickers for the tiaras, 1 story booklet featuring Jessica Mobaska.

The Half A Doodle Box includes 48 attractive cards featuring various fractions and day-to-day objects, 1 story booklet featuring Shuiri.

Reduces screen time significantly: STEM games are the best way to engage your 4yrs+ girls and boys and keep them away from all screens. Used in some international schools as teaching tools to help their students understand key maths concepts.

Skill Development: The math games bundle cultivates cognitive abilities and creative+ strategic capabilities in children. It improves their logical understanding of different maths concepts like fractions, number value and time reading and relate these to day-to-day observations and explorations. This games makes children love math as a subject instead of dreading it. The multiplayer mode of this game ensures that kids not only enjoy playtime but also bond with their friends and family while playing.

Perfect Gift = Happy Kid: This game is the perfect birthday gift as well as a perfect return gift on your children’s birthday.

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