The Spelling Flipbook - Spell 3-4-5 letter words by going through this adorable adventure!

Rs. 1,500


'The Spelling Flipbook' is an interactive story which needs to be completed by spelling your way through it! Join our little bee on a journey to see the whole, wide world while introducing your child to the world of 3-4-5 letter words!

Ages: 4 - 6 years
So, why should you buy this?

  • The book progresses with the child’s growth & progress. You decide when to change over to the 4 & 5 letter words.
  • Engaging: You read the story, the child guesses the word that needs to be spelt & then goes about spelling it.
  • Gives you the freedom to get your child to spell additional words from the story too.
  • The story format makes spelling time more endearing & less like a lesson
How to use:
  • Read out the scene, get your child to guess the missing word by listening to the story or by spotting the object in the book
  • Flip through the alphabet stacks and spell out the word.
  • Our flipbook is designed to hold removable stacks, so once you're done with the 3-letter word bundles, slide them out, and insert the 4-letter word bundles in! And repeat for the 5-letter word bundles!

Material - Hardboard Flipbook
Contents: 3, 4 & 5 Letter Story Decks + 5 Alphabet Decks


Ships from Mumbai, MH

Country of Origin: India

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