The Spelling Flipbook - Spell 3-4-5 letter words by going through this adorable adventure!

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'The Spelling Flipbook' is an interactive story which needs to be completed by spelling your way through it! Join our little bee on a journey to see the whole, wide world while introducing your child to the world of 3-4-5 letter words!

Ages: 4 - 6 years
So, why should you buy this?

  • The book progresses with the child’s growth & progress. You decide when to change over to the 4 & 5 letter words.
  • Engaging: You read the story, the child guesses the word that needs to be spelt & then goes about spelling it.
  • Gives you the freedom to get your child to spell additional words from the story too.
  • The story format makes spelling time more endearing & less like a lesson
How to use:
  • Read out the scene, get your child to guess the missing word by listening to the story or by spotting the object in the book
  • Flip through the alphabet stacks and spell out the word.
  • Our flipbook is designed to hold removable stacks, so once you're done with the 3-letter word bundles, slide them out, and insert the 4-letter word bundles in! And repeat for the 5-letter word bundles!

Material - Hardboard Flipbook
Contents: 3, 4 & 5 Letter Story Decks + 5 Alphabet Decks


Ships from Mumbai, MH

Country of Origin: India

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