Coco The Starter Box Books Combo Set of 4 - English - Gift for Baby Showers, Newborns and Babies

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Brand - Coco Bear
Type - Combo Set
Age - 2 to 6 Years
No. of Pages in the Book - 40
Language - English
Material - Hardbound, thick cards, gift box

This combo includes:     
One, Two Red and Blue- Board Book
The book pairs early learning concepts of Numbers and Colours with colourful, stylish illustrations of places around the globe. The book introduces your toddler to numerals and the corresponding amount each numeral represents on individual spreads so that he learns to count with accuracy and ease. The book introduces your toddler to colours as well.  Size: 6 x 6 in, Book Type: 24 pages (including cover), board book     

Circles 'n' Squares Everywhere - Board Book
The book contains 9 basic shapes for the toddler to learn and spot among different carefully constructed scenes. A strong understanding of shapes can help toddlers better recognise the numbers and letters. They learn also to differentiate among them based on the inherent characteristics. These are building blocks for developing good observational skills that will transfer to other real world applications.  Size: 6 x 6 in, Book Type: 18 pages (including cover), board book  

First Visuals - Two Step Visual Stimulation Kit
Black and white cards easy for babies to focus on. They maximise visual stimulation and encourage infant development in the early months. These cards will still have utility as your child grows older. You can use it as one of his first - word books to help improve his vocabulary. It can also be used as a lacing toy.  Activity Set: 12cards (front and back), 24 images   

Move Your Body - Movement Cards Kit
This movement card kit gives your toddler a chance to move his body and play act like his favourite animal.  Activity: Card Game, 18 unique cards, Dimensions: 3 in x 4 in

Items included in the package
1 One, Two Red and Blue Board Book - 24 Pages
1 Circles 'n' Squares Everywhere  Board Book - 18 Pages
1 First Visuals Two Step Visual Stimulation Kit - 12 cards
1 Move Your Body Movement Cards Kit - 18 Cards

Country of Origin: India

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