The Transport Kit (With Safe Dough)

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This kit is one amazing kit which teaches the modes of transport. We have 150 gms of LAND(brown), WATER(water) AND SKY(white) each. Not only that is has 9 stamps from engines to aeroplane to submarine we have got all that covered. Also, we have 8 vehicles shapes caryons which can be used as prompts first and then used for colouring as well. Did we forget Rolling pin and knief to cut? yes all that is included as well. Its lots of fun Stamping, colouring and making harbours to tracks to Runways. As always opportunity are endless. Purchase them before they go ZZZZZZZooooooooooommmmmmmm
Material used
flour, oil, salt water and food grade colours.
Box Contents
This Kit Contains: 450 gms of Taste-safe Certifies Doh-Dough(150 gms of each colour),A rolling pin, 9 stamps of different kinds of transport vehicles, 8 vehicles shapes non-toxic crayons and 2 small vehicle toys.
Product Dimensions : 21*21*5.5 cm

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