The Unicorn - Sensory Play Kit (With Safe Dough)

Rs. 896


The Unicorn Kit is every little girls dream come true! It’s our most magical kit, complete with three types of scented, homemade, all natural, non toxic glitter play dough, 2 cup-cake liners, unicorn stardust (food for the unicorns) crystals, pipe cleaners, a dough roller, rainbow love, unicorn wand, unicorn figurines, and lots and lots of jewels. This has always been our most popular kit, and makes the perfect gift for any unicorn loving little girl!

Material used : flour, oil, salt water and food grade colours. 

Box Contents  :
This Kit Contains: 450 gms of taste-safe certified Doh-dough (150 gms of each colour), one rolling pin, 10 play prompts of unicorn theme, instuctions card and paper and a Laminatd play box to play in or play on.
Product Dimensions
21*21*5.5 cm

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