The Universe

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The Universe is edgeless, unending, and ever-expanding. It has millions of various star-systems. ‘Know About Science – The Universe’ this book aims to impart information on the Universe – its origin, shape, vastness, contents, behaviour, etc. Including various facts, attractive illustrations, this book will take young learners deep into space helping them learn about the eight planets of solar system, and more.

• Ideal for ages 9-12
• 64 pages
• Clear, straightforward text
• Amazing facts
• Big, beautiful images
• Nice cover design

This educational book includes topics like the Study of the Universe, Our Galaxy – The Milky Way, The Solar System, The Satellites, and other bodies. It will help children explore the wonders of the universe and beyond.

Age Guidance:8-13 yrs


Product Dimension:28x22x0.5cm

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