Tiger Trail-Central India Edition Jungle Wildlife Safari Adventure Board game

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Rs. 899


Experience the Mystique of the Majestic Tiger!

The big cat is one of the most intriguing predators in the jungle and has been known for its power, personality, and physical features since its existence.

Besides all the glorious facts about this beautiful animal, it is sad that only ~3900 remain in the wild owing to hunting, illegal trading, and increasing captivity.

We are a bunch of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers who deeply care about the survival and better life of the big cat family, which encouraged us to bring you this thrilling board game that will transport you to the habitat of the mighty Tigers!

Skills enhanced - Memory, Decision Making, Cognition & Mental Agility, Observation & Concentration, Mental Math skills, Encourage reading

Age guidance - 6+ years 

Box contents - 1 game board, 55 game cards,1 dice, 4 pawns and play guide

Product Dimensions -  30.4*28.7*5.5 cm 

Ships from - Bangalore, KA

Country of Origin - India 

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