Triangular Rope/Ladder

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Give your child the freedom of amazing physical activity in the comfort of your home with this Triangular Rope Ladder/Climber.
This climbing equipment is a physically challenging activity that will help to develop and strengthen the child’s arm and legs while they have fun climbing on it.
Climbing activities not only help to develop the child physically but it is also building an early foundation for the child’s reading, writing, and analytical thinking.
The triangular rope ladder is a perfect equipment to develop the child’s hand-eye coordination, balance, and many other skills if used at an early age.
Apart from being an indoor equipment, the Triangular Rope Ladder/Climber can also be installed in your terrace, backyard, and even over the branch of a tree.
To install this climber on a tree, make sure that the tree is of medium height and the branch is at least 11 feet in height. It is imperative that the tree should be of hardwood to ensure that the ladder will not give away while the child is climbing.
This climber can be used for children 3 years and above.
Parents should refrain from helping the child to climb the ladder and should remain close by while the child tries to do the activity by himself/herself.
This ladder is made of high-quality rope and wood and is sturdy equipment.
This product is Made In India

Age - 3yrs - 15yrs

Product Dimension :  72x72x190 cms

Package Dimension : 79x10x79 cms

Ships from Mumbai , MH

Country Of Origin India 

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