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Are you ready to capture all the monsters?? In this exciting adventure, players will use their mental math abilities and addition skills to capture the most powerful monsters using combination of capture cards.
• 75 Monster Cards
• 40 Capture Cards
• 20 Power cards (consider as a joker card which can be used as any number)
1. Take the monster cards according to the level chosen, shuffle the cards and keep it faced down. Then open top 6 cards from the deck and keep it open between all players in 2*3 grid.
2. Separate the power cards from the capture cards deck.
3. Shuffle the capture cards deck and distribute 6 cards to each player
4. Distribute 2 power cards to each player and keep the rest aside
*For added excitement, include 2 power cards in the capture card deck during setup
1. The youngest player starts the game
In a turn:
The player will use any single or combination of capture (number) cards to solve anyone of the open monster (division) cards.
2. After solving the card, the player:
• Will take solved monster card from the center and keep it, then they will replace it with a new monster card from the top of the deck.
• Discards the used capture cards and replaces them with new cards from the top of the deck.
*All players should have 6 capture cards at any given point in the game excluding power cards given at the start of the game. Player will not get a replacement card for the power card used.
3. Then the next player takes their turn to solve any one of the open monster card.
4. The game ends when all the players capture any 5 monster cards.
*If a player is unable to solve any monster card in their turn, they can use this turn to replace all their capture cards with new ones from the top of the deck

Players add up the points on the Monster cards they earned and the player with the highest points wins the game.

If there is a tie:
• 1st tie breaker: The player with most number of power cards left unused wins.
• 2nd tie breaker: Each player will arrange the captured monster cards in descending order of points and will compare the higher point cards one by one. The player with a higher monster point card wins.

Content : CONTENTS:
• 75 Monster Cards
• 40 Capture Cards
• 10 Power cards (consider as a joker card which can be used as any number)

Age Guidance : 7+
Product Dimension : L-12 , B-7, H-7
Package Dimension : L-12 , B-7, H-7
Ships from HYDERABAD
Country Of Origin India

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