Vowel Cars (CVC words)

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These fun car-shaped word stackers keep children engaged for hours on end with numerous challenges - from picture association to shape slotting and fitting the right vowel between consonants. The final outcome is delightful as children can read any 3 letter CVC word!

3 letter Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words are the first step to reading phonetically, since they have a clear first sound, last sound and middle sound. Stacking cars that are similarly shaped and have the same vowel sound, gives children a clear indication of the vowel sound and in turn helps them absorb the basic CVC word structure. Children develop their reading skills and word formation skills while recognizing the pictures on the different cars. As they stack the cars using their fingers and hands, they develop their fine motor skills, making them more dexterous . By using the shapes of the slots as a corrective mechanism, their understanding of geometry improves.

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