Wee Wee Car

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Title: Wee wee car - pack of three (Orange, Pink, Yellow)
Rs. 795



"• The first word our child said was not ma or dada but car!

• Cars and vehicles are universal & timeless in their appeal to young children.

• Wee wee cars come in choice of primary colours (red, blue & yellow) and make for endless playtime as your child drives them across all surfaces (and takes them to bed).

• The cars are made of pinewood and ivorywood, which are traditionally used by toymakers as they are lightweight and smooth-grained. Finished with non-toxic paint & lac polish, it is perfectly safe if (accidentally) put in mouth, though it is not a teether. The edges are smoothened and a single uninterrupted primary color is quite attractive to young eyes. The cars are perfectly sized, not too large and unwieldy, also not too small to be able to attract babies’ attention. Wee wee car is easy to handle and has no springs/battery to complicate matters, thus making an excellent first push toy.

o Suitable for: All Ages
o Material: Ivory Wood (Wrightia tinctoria), Non-Toxic Paint & Polish
o Weight : 300 gm
o Dimensions (cms): 10 X 3 X 5"

Country of Origin: India

Ships from Bengaluru. Expect delays in shipping due to lockdown restrictions.

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