Chalk and Chuckles Why Connect Game- Picture Connection, Critical Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Word Game

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A thinking game, that stretches your brain for children and family alike. A perfect gift for every child. It helps improve logical and creative thinking & categorical reasoning. It encourages children to think out of the box and engage with ideas. Builds communication skills- you’ll see your children learn to make their point! Added bonus- Good times with friends and family guaranteed!
INCLUDES- 90 square picture tokens in a cloth bag for easy travel, 4 wooden stands, 1 score pad and an instruction guide. FOR AGES 6 to 99 years.
Chalk and Chuckles makes award-winning educational games for children ages 2-12 years. We pride ourselves in making International Quality games that provide children with the tools for success in the future, all through play.

ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE, EDUCATIONAL- Get together for a competition of wits! 2 levels of play - 2 to 4 players - Ages 6 to 99 years old
EASY RULES- Make the best connection you can using any of your 6 pictures. Use your logic, connect to any token already in play. Think out of the box- others can accept or reject it! Play like visual scrabble- reason wins- stories are taboo!
SKILL DEVELOPMENT- Builds cognitive skills. Develops logical, analytical and creative thinking. Builds visual reasoning, language, communication and social skills.
PERFECT BIRTHDAY GIFT- Stretch your brain at home, party or game night! Loved by kids, friends and adults. Screen free fun. Includes 90 square picture tokens, cloth bag, wooden stands, score pad.
BESTSELLER- Chalk and Chuckles games and toys are trusted by parents, teachers and therapists in 20 countries (incl USA, Europe). We take pride in helping families connect with children- building values while learning.

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