Wooden Hammer and Peg Toy - Pound, Flip & Repeat

Rs. 1,650



A classic twist to the pounding toy and we bet your little one will love it!
This unique, all wood Hammer and Peg toy is an ideal product to channelize your little one's built up physical energy.
Handmade from solid hardwoods like Steam Beachwood, Rubberwood, and Ivory wood our wooden hammer and peg toy has a fairly simple functioning where the child has to simply pound, flip and repeat.
This Wooden Hammer and Peg toy is a perfect Montessori toy for toddlers to improve their hand-eye coordination, build motor skills, and will keep them engaged for hours.
The 100% wooden structure of the toy ensures that your child is safe from the toxicity of plastic.
This toy is lightweight and can easily be used by toddlers 18 years and above.
The Wooden Hammer and Peg toy is very strong and durable.
This toy is Made In India.
Size: 11"length and 4" height

Age - 8 months - 3 yrs

Product Dimension :  27x10x10 cms

Package Dimension : 30x12x12 cms

Ships from Mumbai , MH

Country Of Origin India 

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