Words in the Air Space

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Name Of the Product: Word in the Airspace

Product Materials:

This word in the airspace game comes in 10 by 10 inches.
It is a wooden board game with flash cards of words – which are in the air space.
It is eligible for 3 to 5 years of children.

This game has several types of benefits, which are the following:

This game will help to develop languages and will help to learn all words related to airspace.
Hand and eye coordination skills will be developed for your child by playing this game when moving small pieces.
It will help to control emotions.
The game will help to connect with those players who will play it.
How to play:
1. At first, the youngest child will go first.
2. Then will roll the dice.
3. After that, the player move to many spaces as the number will come on the dice.
4. Now, the children have to collect a word card and have to read it out. If the player can read this, he/she will move to extra space.
5. The first player who will reach the home first will be the winner.

Packing and items that included:
This game comes on one wooden board, and there will be one dice with this. Also, you will get 16 flashcards about all words related to airspace. Comes in an eco friendly jute bag.

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