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Country Flag is important to any country because it is not only a sign of authority and power but also a symbol of unity and peace of the people inside its area. Flags are national symbol and every country has got a specific flag as their national symbol. Identifying countries flags is the first step to learn about that particular country and that’s why Brainybeez has come with Countries Flag Flashcards. Brainybeez’s Country Flags Flashcards contain 60 cards in set. These are encyclopedia cards which cover information like its Capital, Continent, Currency, Nationality, Official Language, Major Religion, Biggest City, Neighboring Countries, Famous Landmark of the particular country and fun facts on the backside and image of the flags on the front side.

Material : 350 GSM Laminated Paper

Content : Cotton Draw String Pouch,Flashcards

Age Guidance : 3-6 Years

Product Dimensions : 22.5*15cm

Package Dimensions : 25*17.5*3cm

Shipping Timeline 2 days

Ships from Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Country of origin India

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