Yoga Mat

Rs. 1,499


Product Specifications:

This game is a transformed version of the snake, ladders with yoga poses mentioned on the mat along with benefits.
It comes in 3ft by 6ft size with a cushion dice.

Age: 4 to Adults

How to play:
1. Players have to roll the dice.
2. After that, you have to jump on that number on the mat and accordingly you need to do the poses .
3. Read aloud benefit of that yoga pose.

Yoga mat game has several types of benefits. These are the following:

This game will help your child to manage their anxiety.
It will help to control emotional regulation.
Yoga mat game helps to boost children’s self-esteem.
By playing this game, you can do yoga, which will help the players to increase body awareness and mindfulness.
Players will get help to improve concentration and memory by playing this game.
The asanas will help to develop children’s strength and flexibility.
Packing and items that included:
This game comes in a jute bag with a yoga mat, cushion dice and, an instruction sheet.

Material used : "Flex Material , Pvc Printed

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