ZulaMinds Infant Stimulation Kit 2 - JUMBO size 10 card kit

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Key Features:

ZulaMinds Infant Stimulation Kit 1 is thoughtfully designed and backed by proven research for babies under 6 months

Each Pack has 10 cards of size 9 inch by 9 inch.
Each card has a meticulously thought-out infant stimulation activity printed at the back of the card

The premium laminated cards are completely Child - safe with smooth corners and are very comfortable for everyday use. Infant Stimulation Kit contains a set of 10 high contrast flash cards that are designed by early learning experts. These cards provide brain and visual stimulation to the baby. Each card also has a sensory stimulation activity printed at the back of the card.

Content : 10 Jumbo size Laminated Infant stimulation Flash Cards

Material : Laminated card

Age Guidance : 5-8 months

Product Dimension : L 22.86 x B 22.86 cm

Package Dimension : 25.4 x 25.4 cm

Shipping Timeline : 3 Days

Ships From Dindigul, Tamilnadu.

Country Of Origin India

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