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We get asked about the name JoGenii alot. Not many people know, but ‘Genii’ is plural for Genius. That forms the foundation of JoGenii. Every child is genius in their own way and it is up to us parents, educators and everyone around, to help nurture the genius within children. 

The "Jo" comes from our son's nickname, who's the inspiration behind the entire endeavour of curating the best quality toys and games under one roof.

For young children in formative years, bulk of learning happens through experiences and interactions. With every act they perform, from holding something to picking up their favorite soft toy or pushing their favorite car, they learn something new! 

At JoGenii, we want to bring all such products which help children in developing key skills in fun and engaging way under one roof. 

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Language Skills Development for Preschoolers: Cultivating Young Minds

Language skills are crucial for preschoolers' cognitive growth. Engaging activities like storytelling and rhyming games foster creativity and linguistic abilities. Exposure to multilingual environments enriches their skills, broadening their worldview. Caregivers play a vital role in nurturing language exploration, empowering children for lifelong communication and comprehension.
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What are Montessori toys?

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