Did you know your kid is born with many skills

Every child goes through the process of developing skills like talking, sitting, walking, coordinating the hand and eye, etc. All these “Skills” indicate the child developmental milestones. These “Skills” can be categorised into 5 main areas of child development: 

  1. Fine Motor Skill Development where a child uses his/her hands and fingers to pick objects. 
  2. Speech & Language development where a child learns to understand and try speak a language.
  3. Social & Emotional Development where a child learns self-control like smiling, waving, etc.
  4. Cognitive development where a child learns and solve simple problems like exploring environments with hands or eyes or a four year old trying to solve homework question.
  5. Gross Motor Skill Development where a child starts using large muscles for example a baby learning to sit up on his/her own.

But what if a child does not meet a developmental milestone?

As concerned parents, we start looking for things that can aid the development of the child and help in reaching those developmental milestones. At the same time, we want to ensure that whatever we look for to aid the development of the child must be safe for them too. 

Even when the child’s development is as per their age, parents find the need to hone those developmental skills and help the child realise the joys of motor skills, cognitive skills et al. 

Kids are highly receptive and stimulated to learn using Educational toys. The famous Educator Magda Gerber once said- 

Let the child be the script writer, director & actor in his own play.”


Kids are always curious to know how things work they are no less than little scientist 

“If you trust play, you will not have to control your child’s development as much. Play will raise the child in ways you can never imagine.” – Vince Gowmon


Kids learn a lot while playing. They are continuously solving problems, creating, experimenting, thinking & learning. As the formative years of a child’s life are important for brain development, essential skills should be learnt before school based learning. Exposure to right kind of toys and books aids in this development. 

We at JoGenii bring to you a very carefully curated educational, fun, constructive and safe toys for your young ones thus bridging the gap between development and fun!


Photo by Aman Shrivastava on Unsplash

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