Indian Entrepreneur Discovery Series : Explore and Learn with an Indian context

We start our Made in India toys and games brands discovery with the theme "Explore and Learn with an Indian context".

The first brand we would like to feature is Kutuki, founded and headed by lovely young entrepreneurs Sneha and Bharath.



Tell us a bit about Kutuki. How did it come to be?

Kutuki means 'The Curious One' in Sanskrit and as the name suggests we are on a mission to ignite the curiousity of 200 million of India's youngest learners, one song and story at a time. 

The idea for Kutuki was sown when we realised that there was very limited content that addresses the needs of India's youngest learners. For generations, we've been singing the same old nursery rhymes and stories that have characters with blond hair, blue eyes and accents and references that have little or no relevance to the Indian context. 

This can cause a lot of confusion in the mind of a young child who has just set out to explore the world. This impacts not only how a child experiences learning but also their self esteem because they don't see themselves, their names, their families, food and festivals anywhere. 

We launched Kutuki by bringing together an insanely talented team of early educators, artists, storytellers and musicians to create fresh, original and contextual learning resources that Indian children, mothers and educators can connect with. 

Since the launch of the Kutuki app in 2019, we've had 200,000 mothers and 150+ preschools using Kutuki and the constant feedback is that kids immediately connect with our characters Kutu, Mi and Minku the haathi,  the Indian languages, accents and references that reflect their every day surroundings. Learning shapes through bindis,  counting with Pooris, doing science experiments with lemon aachar, and singing songs about their Nana Nani and Thatha and Paati, has made learning much more meaningful and full of joy. 

The Kutuki learning app has rhymes, stories, interactive books and activities on preschool aligned themes ranging from Phonics to S.T.E.M, Indian festivals to Health and Hygiene, Life Skills to General Knowledge and much, much more. 


Tell us a bit about the ideology behind Kutuki range of products.

All of Kutuki's children's products are 100% Indian at heart. Additionally,  we are insanely particular about the quality of content that we put out . We ensure that every piece of content has learning and fun at the core of it all. We also consciously don't use 'baby talk' and over simplify our content. We want to respect every young child's inherent unbridled curiosity. We have stories that talk about the concept of Gravity, physics and chemistry that young children not only understand but thoroughly enjoy.

The Kutuki learning app has rhymes, stories, interactive books and activities on preschool aligned themes ranging from Phonics to S.T.E.M, Indian festivals to Health and Hygiene, Life Skills to General Knowledge and much, much more. Kutu, Ki and Minku the haathi are our three adventerous learning mascots who guide children along on their learning journey on the app.

While most of our content is digital, we also have two illustrated books 'Breakfasts of India' and 'New Years of India' to get children curious about India's rich cultural diversity. We keep receiving  messages  about 'Dal Pakwan'  being made in Tamil Nadu, 'Puttu Kadala' being made in Orissa, 'Misal Pav' being made in Bengaluru by moms for their little ones after discovering them in our books. Feedback like this has constantly reinforced our belief that Indian parents are longing for contextual, children's content. 

 Parent and child reading from Breakfasts of India


What do you like about being a part of the JoGenii family?

We love how Siddhartha and Purba are so focused on  providing quality learning experiences to Indian children and also their continuous commitment towards promoting Indian kid's brands. We found their ideology very much in line with our work at Kutuki. They are also very hands-on and open to new ideas and collaboration s all the time. 

Our experience on the JoGenii platform has been fantastic. Right from the onboarding  process, all the way to closing orders, it has been seamless. We're so glad to have connected with so many parents and children through their platform. We are very happy and proud to be part of the JoGenii family. 

 Parent and child reading from New Years of India book

Check the lovely books from Kutuki at JoGenii here:

If you would like to know more about the learning app, please visit Kutuki's website:

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