Indian Entrepreneur Discovery Series - Home Learning with ClassMonitor
In the current scenario, parents have been looking for means to homeschool children and at the same time controlling screen time has been a challenge due to online classes being essential.
Vijeet Pandey & Vikas Rishiswar, founders of ClassMonitor have been working on engaging kids at home with learning activities with optimized screen usage, since a few years now. Today we bring to you an insight into ClassMonitor.

Tell us a bit about ClassMonitor. How did it come to be?

The ClassMonitor Learning kit blends traditional teaching methods with modern experiential learning to ease child's transition from preschool to formal schooling. ClassMonitor focuses on the fundamental development of a child based on five core areas. ClassMonitor Learning Kits innovation came after close interaction with MODERN parents and school owners who were concerned about excessive mobile phone usage at home.

What makes ClassMonitor Learning Kits stand out?

The concept of our product comes from the idea of keeping children away from Mobile screens while helping them learn in a manner that is fun yet informative. ClassMoitor has quite uniquely designed a HYBRID MODEL  where technology,  in the form of a digital application, is provided to the parents or educators. This is to empower the parents/educators with what, why, when, and how to teach their child at home or school. Hence technology access remains where it cannot harm the end-user-the child.

Any thoughts around new National Education Policy?

The new NEP surely is a great start, it emphasizes on Early Childhood Care and Learning which is exactly what we are focussing at ClassMonitor. We are a strong believer that a child's brain should be developed holistically during the first 7 years of his/her life.

What do you like about being a part of the JoGenii family?

JoGenii is an amazing platform that has a great product listing. It has been a Seamless experience, looking forward to serving our customers through the JoGennii family. 
Check the ClassMonitor collection of products, across ages 1 to 8, here:
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