JoGenii Wooden Animal World Self Correcting Activity Game (30 pcs) (3 to 6 years)

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Know about different types of animal , their baby name, place and their body pattern through this self correcting activity puzzle game. Kids place object in slots and form the puzzle to find a solution.

It helps kids develop problem solving skills and concentration skills. With the help of this activity game kids dive deep into knowledge of animals and and gain practical learning, pieces- 30.

Key Features:
1. Made from finest and ecofriendly MDF, that makes the products durable
2. Round edges and accurate cuts and grooves to fit in board
3. Attractive design and conceptual based learning game

Learn: Sorting, Animal Habitat, Animal Young Ones, Pattern Matching 

Size: 4 x 11 inches

Materials: MDF

Ships from Pune

Made in India

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