Chitrani's 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker

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Our beautiful handmade rainbow stacking toy features wooden arches of different colors to Boost Child's imagination, creativity and captivate child in open ended play.

This Waldorf inspired multi use toy for children can be a part of children’s play in so many ways; Kids can use the colorful arches as bridges, tunnels, fences, and end number of different creations.

Let children learn about colors, refine their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills. Develop their creative abilities and immerse them in critical thinking and deep play. It’s a great way to develop reasoning skills, problem solving abilities in toddler with activities like building, stacking and nesting.

The pieces can be used together or individually as seesaws, fences, houses, doll cradles or caves. The possibilities are endless! With this heirloom-quality Rainbow which can be a part of children plays in many ways. This is a toy that will accompany your child as he grows and will certainly be rediscovered in different ways along the way. Let children discover and develop their own creativity with this open ended learning toy.

Rainbow stacker Comes minimally packaged in recyclable cardboard box.

Size is 17 cm x 7 cm x 8.5 cm . All colors coatings are water based and Toys meets EN 71 safety norms, are harmless to your health and suitable for children toys

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