101 Animals Stories : Story Books Children Book By Dreamland Publications

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Moral stories are a great source to educate listeners, especially young children, as to how to respond to life situations. Children who read or listen to the stories understand more complex issues easily. They even enjoy these stories a lot when they find the animals having human-like characteristics: they wear clothes, they talk, have feelings, etc. ‘101 Animal Moral Stories’ is a compilation of the best stories that impart life lessons in a fun amusing way.

• Suitable for ages 7-12
• 64 pages
• Vibrant illustrations
• Easy-to-understand language
• Fun and informative
• High-quality book

This book for kids will help them learn to differentiate between good and bad, just and unjust, and building moral values right from childhood. This selection of excellent stories, compiled in simple language presented with beautiful artwork is one of the best to start building listening, reading, thinking skills from a young age.

Age Guidance:7-12 yrs


Product Dimension: 28x22x1cm

Country of Origin India

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