A Collection of Animal Stories

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Does your little one get fascinated about animals?  That’s an opportunity to fascinate them more with Animal stories which are a great source to educate them and build communication skills. Grab your copy today and make a Look-Forward-to bedtime routine, ditch the phone, put all the screens off and read aloud or read together with your little one. Your first step to lead your child to become a lifelong reader!  This is a high-quality book of multiple stories with different contexts interwoven with everyday situations in the reader’s life.  The stories are written in a simple language to keep up the interest. 

Age Guidance - 2+ Years

Material - Paper

Bound - Hard Back

Product Dimensions - 29x22x2.25 cm

Package Dimensions - 29.25x22.25x2.75 cm

Shipping Timeline - 1 day

Ships from - Ghaziabad, UP

Country of Origin - India

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