Basic English Grammar - Part 6

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‘Basic English Grammar – Part 6’ is ideal for developing all language skills. This book includes lessons on Vowel Sounds, Special Facts about Nouns, Special Use of Some Pronouns, Sentences, Figures of Speech, and more. Easy-to-understand explanations with examples help young learners become more effective writers and good communicators.

• Ideal for age-group 5-12
• 200 pages
• Ideal for middle school students
• Clear explanations, examples and, a variety of exercises
• Cute cover design
• Colourful presentation

The use of colourful illustrations helps children grasp basic facts of English Grammar. Supporting children’s basic understanding of English Grammar, this book is an ideal supplement to what students learn in school. A variety of exercises given at the end of each lesson keep kids interested as they explore the rules of grammar.

Age Guidance: 5-12


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