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Beware of the Shark
Ages 4+ to 99

Danger lurks in the deep waters...where the SHARK is ready to pounce on the Fish & gobble them up. A super-charged and fun reaction game that requires good focus & strong reflexes. An exciting game with lots of variations to keep the whole family entertained. For players 2 to 5.

Contains: 2 wooden number dice, 4 wooden Fish with cords, 1 Shark glove, 42 Fish tokens, 1 sea board, game guide.

How to play
1. Watch out for an attack number declared by the shark & wait for the fun to unfold!

2. If the attack number is rolled, the shark pounces to attack the fish who must be quick to leave the sea or risk being caught and lose a token.

3. If the attack number is not rolled, all fish may swim safely & the shark can't attack. If then the fish moves or the shark attacks, they both lose a token.

4. Lose your focus & you lose tokens.

5. Game ends with any player running out of their tokens & the player with maximum tokens is the WINNER.

With 3 different ways to play the game and changing rules on every turn, we bet you'll have an adrenaline rush!

Skill development
- A great game for children to master self-regulation skills as you keep track of changing rules & when to respond & when not to! We bet, you'll see greater self-control.

- Builds attention & focus. And who can argue its' importance now? Our attention spans are decreasing consistently.

- Requires quick thinking & action. Bound to promote faster information processing.

- Promotes fun times with family & friends.

EASY TO PLAY-The hungry shark is waiting to catch the little fish. One player becomes the shark, while others are the fish. Roll the dice and let the fun begin! Focus, be quick and react fast to avoid the attack!
FUN SKILL BUILDER-Improve your child's concentration and memory. Build key executive functioning skills to promote academic success and life skills.
BEST GAME FOR FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN- Many ways to play. Rules change on every turn. Hours of entertainment on game nights and playdates! Young or old, play to master your reflexes. Have a blast!
PERFECT GIFTS FOR KIDS-We promise its addictive! Popular with both boys and girls ages 5 and up. Playing time 10-15 minutes.
GAME BOX Highlight- An attractive shark glove with 4 cute little wooden fish. Good quality, safe toys!

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