Book Shelf

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Rs. 4,500


Our low book shelf is based on the montessori principle of learning where learning is enabled in child friendly accessible areas.Unlike the regular book cases where we rack the books vertically next to one another, this book shelf enables the child to see through the book covers and choose whichever book they want to read or be read to. The child can also pick books by sitting in front of them. The angled racking space is designed particularly for kids to encourage reading by displaying all the options to them. Toddler book shelf was made keeping in mind that a toddler’s book is big and colourful. It will be an ideal tool of learning in homes that practice shelf rotation on a regular basis.

The sturdy book shelf is made of birch ply and it is easy to install at any corner of your kid’s room for quality story time.A young reader becomes tomorrow’s learned man. Our book shelf can help households realise that dream

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