Bowling pin with rolling ball

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Rs. 790


Bowling pins, a colourful set of 6 pins with a rolling ball is an attractive open ended toy from queen bee collection. The pastel colours are soothing to the eyes and doesnt distract us from the motive of pretend play. Kids will love to play bowling using the ultra light weight ball and the equally lighter pins. Its designed in a unique way to accomodate mothers' constant worries about owing a wooden toy which may be heavy. 

Age: We recommend the toy from age 10 month onwards. We are leaving the upper age limit open as adults, including senior citizens have ordered the toy for a simple and fun loving time and also as a colourful addition to the toy room or their collection of pretty decors. 

Size: 12cm height and 5cm diameter 

Material: Non toxic Beech wood and coated with certified non toxic water based paints

Category: Pretend play, open ended, mini-sports toy collection

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