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Rakentaa is not just a toy! Says our maths teacher.

Yes, our innovative toy rakentaa helps young kids with learning geometrical concepts.
You are hearing it right! Go on!

Rakentaa is made of 12 pieces of similar wooden traingles in gradients of colours. In plain sight it's a great toy for usage in building structures and in open ended play it can be used by the children in many possible ways in addition to other toys.
What rakentaa indirectly also teaches the kid is visual analytical and spatial mathematical skills to understand the geometrical concepts of
*Equilateral and similar triangles
*Parallel lines and acute angles
*Midpoint theorem
*Pythagoras theorem
*Squares and other shapes

At very young age when the kid is exposed to this educational toys, he will find it helpful when goes to higher classes to visually understand the tough geometrical concepts. Visual memory is the most powerful and rakentaa helps in just that when introduced in the right age.

We recommend rakentaa from the age of 18 months. During early years it's usage will be different and in later years such as 3 and above, pre schoolers will approach this toy as educational and will subconsciously learn many mathematical concepts that will help him in school. It's an ideal add on to home schooling kit as well as in a Montessori or kintergarden toy shelf

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