Busy Board / Sensory Board

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Woodbee toys now have a sensory toy that encompasses so many wonderful ways a child can learn and develop sensory motor skills with.
A busy board or sensory board has multiple household items and simple learning tools which kindles the curiosity and inquistiveness in a young mind. What looks like a simple game can be a complex one for a baby as her mind is ever evolving.

Babies love to mimic adults' activities all the time. It will be difficult or unsafe to access those items that run the daily life. With this sensory board a baby can learn the skills, feel it using their senses of touch, vision, hearing and proprioception which helps not in one but so many facets of sensory component of the brain. When babies access the items, they would not feel left out and will feel included in the adult world.
Each activity will leave the baby engrossed for hours and rightly called as a busy board.
All components are safe to use and is free of choking hazards or sharp edges.Child safe acrylic mirror is being used and it comes with all parts pre-assembled.

Suitable for ages 10 months and above. The upper age limit is left open to interpretation by parents as some kids even beyond a certain age will require the sensory board for development.

2.Rotating wheel
3.Zip line
4.Seat belt buckle
5.Cycle bell
6.Ringing bell
7.Mirror with a door and two latches
10.Spinning wheels
11.Counting beads

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