Caterpillar Clutter-Memory and Matching Game

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It's never too late to grow your memory cells!

Catty the caterpillar has so many feet and finding his shoes is a massive feat! Night or day, there is clutter in the way. In the kitchen, under the stairs, over the roof, Catty can’t find any pair!! Help Catty find his shoes in a speedy game of memory in bright light or in the dark, where you can only see the shadows of the shoes. A speedy game of memory with lots of variations!

AGES 4+ to 99!

  • MATCHING AND MEMORY-Catty the caterpillar has many feet. Find his shoes in this creative twist on the classic memory tray. Fun activity to introduce little ones to board games.
  • FAST PACED ADDICTIVE FAMILY GAME-with Multiple variations and challenges we promise it is a boredom buster!
  • BEST KIDS GIFT- Great party gift or any special occasion. Play alone or with everyone, young and old! Popular with boys and girls ages 4-10 years. Playing time 10-15 minutes.
  • KEY SKILLS- Builds focus and attention. Develops visual observation and discrimination. Promotes quick thinking and action. Promotes connection, social skills and healthy competition while playing for all learners.
  • TRUSTED BY PARENTS AND TEACHERS- Chalk and Chuckles educational games help families unplug and connect with each other- building character and developmental skills while learning.

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