Circus Ruckus Active Movement Game

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A great game for classrooms and family play! Get ready for some Circus fun! The Lion Tamer and his troop of ferocious Lions, Tigers and Bears take over the stage. Time for roaring and wildness with acts like Hippo Shakelaka or the fireworks dance!

How to Play

Wear the animal foam masks and roll the die. See whose turn it is to perform- the Monkey, the Lion, Hippo or the Elephant? Pick a card and act like the crazy circus team. Keep the card after a spectacular performance. The player with the most cards wins.
Promotes motor skills, developing their strength, flexibility, awareness and control of the body. Boosts confidence, self-esteem and facilitates self-expression, enhances movement vocabulary and instruction following skills.

Includes 18 cards with 36 poses, 1 wooden die, 2 ribbon sticks, 2 cloth bean bags, 4 foam animal masks, 1 card stand, easy-to-follow game rules. Made of high quality materials for lasting durability.

Suitable for ages 5 to 9 years. 2 to 4 players.

SCREEN FREE INDOOR FUN- Have a blast. Play with friends, siblings and adults. Inspire creativity and laughter in children-Age groups 5+ yrs
36 POSES-JUGGLE, BALANCE, GALLOP AND GIGGLE- Choose a foam animal mask, roll the animal dice. Pick a picture card and perform. Easy acts-age appropriate challenges.
SKILL BUILDER- Gross motor skills (coordination). Promotes confidence, self-esteem and social interaction. Learn to follow directions.
BEST GIFT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS- For all occasions- Birthday or Christmas, perfect gift for families with kids. Enjoy on a playdate, get together, game night or a classroom.
KNOCKOUT-The game gets you acting, performing and laughing. High quality materials for lasting durability to exercise your mind and body

For ages 5 to 10 years

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