Set of 5 pcs of Soap Making Kit DIY Science Activity Kit for Kids - Retrun Gift Combo

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If you're looking for fun unique return gifts for your kids birthday party, this one's a bestseller and a favourite among kids!

For the experiment lover inside you and your child alike! Ideal for all ages, our 100% NATURAL DIY SOAP MAKING KIT DIY has everything you will need to make a soap of your choice - handmade glycerine soaps with natural fragrance and colour, natural loofah scrub, moulds and dried flower petals.

Or you can be more creative and use a natural ingredient of your choice or dried petals of the flower you love. Safe and natural this one is ideal for both, your child and the child inside you!

Makes 2 soaps. Contains 5 sets of Soap Making DIY Activity Kit

Ships from New Delhi

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