Cognitive Skill Workbook

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Cognitive Skill Enhancement Workbook :

Cognitive skills include attention, short term memory, long term memory, logic & reasoning, and auditory processing, visual processing, and processing speed. They are the skills the brain uses to think, learn, read, remember, pay attention, and solve problems.
Children should be able to improve their ability to focus, to remember information and think more critically as they age. Cognitive skills allow children to understand the relationships between ideas, to grasp the process of cause and effect and to improve their analytical skills.
All in all, cognitive skill development not only can benefit your child in the classroom but outside of class as well.

ilearnngrow presents to you Cognitive Skill Enhancement Workbook which focuses on logical thinking , object identification , animal connection , data handling etc.

How to use

There are 24 activities in the workbook , a kid has to solve all these activities.

Product Specifications:
The kit includes 24 sheets: -
  • Animal connections 5
  • Data handling 3
  • Logical thinking 3
  • Venn 2
  • Direction 3
  • Stacking 3
  • Sports Maze 1
  • Coding 1
  • Shape Tower -1
  • Analogies -1
  • Object Identification -1
  • Develops problem-solving skills: Problem-solving skills are essential later in life, both for career-building and for managing a family.
  • Improves comprehension: Cognitive learning helps students to comprehend things clearly and develop a deeper understanding of situations and circumstances.
  • Improves confidence: With deeper comprehension skills and more knowledge, children can approach life with greater enthusiasm and confidence, helping them be successful in all their endeavors.
  • Improves memory: A deeper understanding of the subject makes the student retain the knowledge gained for a longer time, thus improving their memory.
  • Instills a love of learning: Concept-based education instills a lifelong love of learning in the student, pushing them to continue gaining knowledge and developing new skills. Both of these things are important for career success.
  • Emphasises innovation: In cognitive learning, students reflect on problems, explore different ideas and come up with new solutions.

How to Play:

For each topic you’ll find multiple sheets. The child needs to solve those
5 to 10 years.
Package Details:
Contains 24 sheets .
Flip book
Country of Origin: India

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